Hello, and Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 615!

Joint Troop 615 for our annual Webelos Cooking Event on May 6, 2020. Full details are here.

Webelos Cooking Event(Click to see the flyer!)


There’s a new version of the health form for use starting in 2020.


Upcoming Outings/Activities:

February 2020: Gaming

March 2020: Wilderness Survival

April 2020: U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center

May 2020: Whitewater Rafting

June 2020:  TBD

July 2020: Summer Camp

August 2020: Caving and Kayaking

September 2020: Cape Henlopen

October 2020: Webelos-O-Ree

November 2020: MaizeQuest

See the full calendar here.



Contact Bruce Anderson, Troop 615 Scoutmaster at:  sm@bsa615.com