Hello, and Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 615!

Information about our American Flag Holiday Program.


Webelos and Arrow of Lights, join us for the Troop 615 Game Night on November 20, 2019 from 7 to 8:30 PM. More information here.


Upcoming Outings/Activities:

October: Webelos-O-Ree

November: MaizeQuest

December: USS New Jersey in Philadelphia

January 2020: Day activity-rockets at Howard County Conservancy

January 2020: Ski trip!

February 2020: Gaming

March: Wilderness survival

April 2020: Washington DC urban outing

May 2020: White water rafting

June:  Military history

July 2020: Summer camp

August 2020: Cape Henlopen

September 2020: TBD

October 2020: Webelos-O-Ree

See the full calendar is here.



Contact Bruce Anderson, Troop 615 Scoutmaster at:  sm@bsa615.com