Hello, and Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 615!

Information about our American Flag Holiday Program.


Upcoming Outings/Activities:

July: Summer Camp 2019!

August: Pax River Naval Air Station

September: TBD

October: Webelos-O-Ree

November: TBD

December: Philadelphia

January 2020: Day activity-rockets at Howard County Conservancy

January 2020: Ski trip!

February 2020: Gaming

March: TBD

April 2020: TBD

May 2020: White water rafting

June:  TBD

July 2020: Summer camp

August 2020: TBD

September 2020: TBD

October 2020: Webelos-O-Ree



Contact Bruce Anderson, Troop 615 Scoutmaster at:  sm@bsa615.com